Pablo Neruda para niños


AUTEUR: Pablo Neruda

ISBN: 9788430540150

NOM DE FICHIER: Pablo Neruda para niños.pdf

DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2003-Aug-01 Pablo Neruda para niños Image


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Estilo y símbolos de Pablo Neruda - Actualidad Literatura

Neruda es encantador, claro, pero para mí al menos, este libro no es para niños. No hay ilustraciones y los poemas son largos -- hay demasiado texto para niños. Neruda is great, but this is not really for kids. There aren't any pictures and the poems are long and involved and take up the whole page. I feel kids' poetry books ought to have shorter poems and pictures to engage kids.

Pablo Neruda - Poemas de Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda para niños. Pablo Neruda, Isabel Córdova. Ediciones de la Torre, 1996 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 124 pages. 1 Review. Great poetry is not just for grown-ups and this excellent collection shows why. These five books do a beautiful job of placing the poetry of Machado, Vallejo, Garcia Lorca, Jimenez, and Neruda into the hands and hearts of young people. Introductions to each author ...