Summoner Tome 3


AUTEUR: Taran Matharu

ISBN: 9781444924268

NOM DE FICHIER: Summoner Tome 3.pdf

DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2018-Jan-01 Summoner Tome 3 Image


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Fletcher and his friends are fighting for survival in the ether. Hunted by deadly Wyvern-riding shamans and wild demons that inhabit the alien jungles, they must race against time to find a way back to Hominum before their antidote to the ether's poison runs out. Yet escape leaves them little respite, for danger awaits them back in Hominum. As hatred threatens to turn friend into foe, Fletcher must lead a small army of soldiers into battle to protect his ancestral homeland. And when battle turns into epic war, Fletcher must face his biggest challenge yet : his nemesis, the albino ore, Khan, who seeks to destroy everything Fletcher holds dear.

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