Mac OsX unleashed. 2nd Edition


AUTEUR: Joan Ray

ISBN: 9780672324659

NOM DE FICHIER: Mac OsX unleashed. 2nd Edition.pdf

DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2003-Jan-01 Mac OsX unleashed. 2nd Edition Image


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Mac OS X Unleashed gives the reader a complete picture of Apple's powerful operating system. Topics range from mastering the built-in core applications to unleashing the power of shell scripting and NetInfo. New users are made to feel at home as they explore Finder, Dock, and the myriad of available third-party applications. Advanced readers can find step-by-step instructions on compiling Unix applications, configuring secure Web, FTP, and mail servers, and even setting up their own iTunes-compatible Internet radio station. Never before has there been an operating system that embraces open-source technologies as elegantly, while providing a user interface that is as friendly as it is capable. This book treats both faces of Mac OS X with equality-from the command line to the desktop, all the information you need is at your fingertips.

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The second edition of Mac OS X Unleashed takes the same approach as the best-selling first edition, helping the reader deal with the most trouble-prone aspects of the user interface-including the new features in the latest version-but focusing to a much greater extent on the BSD environment and how the user or administrator can get the most out of both the current operating system as well as ...

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Mac OS X Panther Unleashed: Mac OS X Panther Unleashed (3rd ed.) by John Ray. Underneath the colorful interface of Mac OS X is a powerful, complicated operating system based on BSD Unix. And Mac users of all kinds continue to need help both in figuring out how to run OS X and in understandin how OS X works underneath the covers and how to get the most out it.In late summer 2003 Apple is ...