Introduction to Data Mining


AUTEUR: Pang-Ning Tan

ISBN: 9780133128901

NOM DE FICHIER: Introduction to Data Mining.pdf

DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2017-Mar-28 Introduction to Data Mining Image


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Introduction to Data Mining (豆瓣)

We used this book in a class which was my first academic introduction to data mining. The book's strengths are that it does a good job covering the field as it was around the 2008-2009 timeframe. Included are discussions of exploring data, classification, clustering, association analysis, cluster analysis, and anomaly detection. Additional bonus appendices cover some elements of linear algebra ...

Introduction To Data Mining | Complete Guide to Data Mining

Introduction to Data Mining. In the age of information, an enormous amount of data is available in different industries and organizations. The availability of this massive data is of no use unless it is transformed into valuable information. Otherwise, we are sinking in data, but starving for knowledge. The solution to this problem is data mining which is the extraction of useful information ...