Linux Administration Handbook


AUTEUR: Trent-R Hein

ISBN: 9780130084668

NOM DE FICHIER: Linux Administration Handbook.pdf

DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2002-May-27 Linux Administration Handbook Image


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"As this book shows, Linux systems are just as functional, secure, and reliable as their proprietary counterparts. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of its thousands of developers, Linux is more ready than ever for deployment at the frontlines of the real world. The authors of this book know that terrain well, and I am happy to leave you in their most capable hands." - Linus Torvalds. As the deployment of Linux systems in production environments has accelerated, Linux administrators have longed for a book that addresses the challenges of this complex and exciting frontier. Linux Administration Handbook was written with this audience in mind. This book serves both as a valuable tutorial for the novice administrator and as a trustworthy reference for the seasoned professional. Using the practical approach of their highly regarded UNIX System Administration Handbook, the authors describe every aspect of Linux system administration and cover the following major Linux distributions: Red Hat Linux; SuSE Linux; Debian GNU/Linux. Replete with war stories and hard-won insights, this book examines how Linux systems behave in real world ecosystems, not how they might behave in ideal environments. Difficult tasks are described in all their complexity, including DNS configuration, networking, sendmail configuration, security management, kernel building, performance analysis, and routing. The book's many true-life examples will help administrators implement solutions that continue to work effectively as their operations grow.

Linux Administration Handbook

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