Applied reactor physics


AUTEUR: Alain Hébert

ISBN: 9782553016981

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DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2016-Mar-17 Applied reactor physics Image


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Reactor physics is the discipline devoted to the study of interactions between neutrons and matter in a nuclear reactor. In Applied Reactor Physics, reactor physics is approached from the fundamental level. Legacy numerical techniques are introduced with sufficient details to permit their implementati on in Matlab. More advanced and/or proprietary techniques may be available in a production environment, but these can be obtained as evolutions of the fundamental approaches presented in the book. A characteristic of Applied Reactor Physics is to emphasize the algorithmic nature of numerical solution techniques used in reactor physics. Many numerical soluti on approaches described in the book are accompanied by Matlab scripts and readers are encouraged to write short Matlab scripts of their own in order to solve the Endof-Chapter exercises.

Course: Applied Reactor Physics - Polytechnique Montréal

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Course: Applied Reactor Physics - Polytechnique Montréal

Nuclear reactor physics belongs to an applied physics as a particle physics or nuclear chemistry. These branches have common fundamentals. Atomic and nuclear physics describes fundamental particles (i.e. electrons, protons, neutrons), their structure, properties and behavior. These physical fundamentals consist of: