Digital Geographies


AUTEUR: James Ash

ISBN: 9781526447296

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DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2018-Dec-17 Digital Geographies Image


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Geography is experiencing a digital turn. The digital has become an object, subject and tool of geographical inquiry, and has pervasively inflected geographic thought, scholarship and practice. In mediating tasks such as work, travel, consumption, production and leisure, digital technologies are having profound effects on phenomena that are of immediate concern to geographers : shifts in the space economy, the governance of places, the production of space and the contours of spatial knowledge, imaginaries and politics. In 25 short chapters, this book provides an overview of geography's engagement with the digital and highlights the insights that the discipline offers to the study of digital phenomena. Organised into five thematic parts - on spaces, methods, cultures, economies and politics - leading experts present analyses of key geographical concepts as contextualised by the digital world. Bringing together scholarship from across a range of intellectual traditions, this book is the ideal starting point and guide to studying digital geographies.

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Digital Geographies: Illuminating Spatial Relationships in a Collection of Literary Blogs. Cecily Raynor < ... En efecto, el espacio digital de la escritura en español está cada vez más enraizado en las redes globales. Figure 7. Se visualizan aquí todos los comentarios de lectores desde el 2005 hasta el 2014, según el volumen de comentario y la nacionalidad del bloguero. ...

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Digital Geography and Society is an open access journal publishing interdisciplinary social science and humanities research offering critical perspectives on the complexities and interconnected nature of geographies relating to the digital.. Key topics include, but are not limited to: Smart, sustainable cities and digital sustainability; Digital food geographies