Complementary and alternative medicine secrets


AUTEUR: Wendy Kohatsu

ISBN: 9781560534402

NOM DE FICHIER: Complementary and alternative medicine secrets.pdf

DATE DE PUBLICATION: 2002-Jul-02 Complementary and alternative medicine secrets Image


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This new reference in the proven format of The Secrets Series provides balanced coverage of all current complementary and alternative therapies using a distinctly integrative approach. Written by many of today's leaders in the field, the book features chapters on a wide array of CAM therapies as well as chapters on medical disorders and the CAM approaches appropriate for those disorders. Special features include:• Concise questions and answers with valuable pearls, tips, and "secrets"• Bulleted lists and tables for quick review• 62 succinct chapters written by experts, and referenced in detail• Comprehensive index• Foreword by Andrew Weil, M.D.

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